Discontinued Models at a Glance

Innovation is a tradition at FMS. Thanks to your feedback and the continuous testing of our engineering team, FMS optimizes its products or creates new solutions. This creates discontinued models. 

In the following table details can be found on our discontinued products. A one-year discontinuation period applies, which begins with the formal discontinuation date, but don’t worry we always announce these and give you plenty of time. 

FMS products remain in the assortment for at least 10 years from their market introduction.

Auslaufmodelle von FMS in der Übersicht.
Discontinued productsReplacement product
BKS040 BKS040 steering frame - Phase-out 05/2015, no replacement
EMGZ490 Profinet measuring amplifier - Phase-out 05/2018, replacement product EMGZ491.PNET
EMGZ600 Single or multichannel amplifier - Phase-out 01/2020, replacement products single or multiple EMGZ310, EMGZ309, EMGZ474, EMGZ473.W, etc. or EMGZ321
CMGZ480 Digital tension controller for CAN Bus - Phase-out 12/2017, no replacement
AMGZ Robust force sensor for dead shaft applications - Phase-out 12/2018, replaced by CA-Series
BKS.D.6 Compact actuator for large thrust forces - Phase-out 05/2018, replacement product BKS.D.7
CMGZ100 Digital tension controller - Phase-out 12/2006, replacement product CMGZ309
CMGZ400 Digital tension controller - Phase-out 12/2006, replacement product CMGZ309
CMGZ600 Digital tension controller - Phase-out 08/2011, replacement product CMGZ309
BKS010 BKS010 steering frame - Phase-out 09/2009, replacement product BKS015
BKS.D.1 Actuator BKS.D.1 - Phase-out 12/2008, replacement product BKS.D.3
BKS110 Digital web guiding controller BKS110 - Phase-out 12/2009, replacement product BKS309
BKS600 Digital web guiding controller BKS600 - Phase-out 08/2011, replacement product BKS309
EMGZ300 Digital measuring amplifier EMGZ300 - Phase-out 12/2009, replacement product EMGZ306 and EMGZ309
EMGZ308 Digital measuring amplifier EMGZ308 - Phase-out 12/2006, replacement product EMGZ306 and EMGZ309
EMGZ400 Digital measuring amplifier EMGZ400 - Phase-out 12/2006, replacement product EMGZ306 and EMGZ309
RMGZ200 Small force sensor for rotating applications - Phase-out 12/2018, replacement product RMGZ200A
RMGZ600B Large size force sensor for pulley - Phase-out 12/2019, 1000 N replaced by RMGZ400-Series, other FNom RMGZ800
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