RTM X42. A success story.

The company LEONI elocab GmbH in Georgensgmünd (Germany), in cooperation with BAREMO (Switzerland), required an upgrade of a planetary strander with variable reverse rotation.

The machine is an 18-spool Niehaus planetary strander with two cages of 6 and 12 payoffs each. Leoni elocab GmbH had previously updated various areas of the machine, and in particular equipped it with a modern control system. The machine is used for the production of highly flexible special cables, some of them of small production lots (from 100m in length).

«<<< Klaus Falkenberg: "…the project went to our entire satisfaction...the cooperation with Baremo as well as FMS was target-oriented and professional...we are very satisfied with the results and the set goals of the project have been achieved…" >>>»

Mr. Falkenberg is Process Engineer Microwave in the Business Unit Tailor-Made Products at Leoni elocab GmbH.



    As a part of the upgrade project, an RTM X42 telemetry system for continuous wire tension measurement and control was installed to the machine.

    • Basic module: Measurement of the wire tension of up to 42 individual wires.
    • Control Center: Display, monitoring of limit values, recipe management, quality protocols. 
    • Brake Control: Continuous, fully automatic wire tension control.

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    The RTM X42 telemetry system ensured that the objectives of the upgrade were fully achieved:

    • Increased plant productivity and process reliability through continuous production without manual intervention in the control of the strand tension
    • Efficient measuring and control system for very small wire tensions in the range from 2N to 20N
    • Recipe management for reduced set-up times
    • Measurement data acquisition for quality data acquisition and control
    • Increased machine safety by monitoring the cradle locks on all cradles
    • Simple operation for machine operators and auxiliary staff
    FMS is the only manufacturer to offer a retrofittable telemetry system for closed-loop control of wire tension in stranding machines. Click here for detailed information.




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