JG – Hermetically sealed force sensor

  • Schutzart IP 68
  • Überlastsicherung mit 10-facher Nennkraft, Edelstahl,
  • Nennkräfte von 15 bis 1500 N

The JG-Series force sensor offers extreme resistance against aggressive environments, and is designed for the measurement of tension on continuous material processing lines where idler rolls with integrated bearings without shaft are utilized. This force sensor is ideally suited to work under the most stringent environmental requirements, where the exposure to aggressive chemical additives, high temperatures and humidity are factors. Thanks to its special compact and durable design these sensors are effectively used in textile applications such as Mercerizing Lines, Thermofixing, Coating and Laminating machines.

General technical details

Sensitivity1,8 mV/V
Tolerance of sensitivity<± 0,2 %
Accuracy class± 0,5 %
Measuring range20:1
Overload protection rating10 times nominal force
Power supply1 to 12 VDC
Temperature range-10 to 60 °C (14 to 140 F)
Input resistance350 Ω

Available sizes

SizesNominal forcesbeaering seat for pulleyCAD dataWatchlist
205 125 N 47 bis 62
205 500 N 47 bis 62
205 250 N 47 bis 62
205 1000 N 47 bis 62
205 1500 N 47 bis 62

Available options

H16temperature range up to 120°C (248°F)H16
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