RTM MP Plus – Bi-Directional, Radio-Based Signal Transmission for Rotating Machinery in compact housing

  • Signals: Encoder, Digital, Analog, Force Sensor
  • Elimination of Slip-Rings
  • Easy Retrofit
  • aintenance-Free

The RTM MP Telemetry System was developed for transmitting various signals in parallel from rotating machinery:

• 2 x Encoder

• 8 x Digital

• 1 x Analog

• 2 x Force sensor

The RTM MP System is applied where signal transmission utilizing slip rings is no longer practical. The costs involved for an expansion or and upgrade of existing slip ring signal transmission can be substantial due to the complexity of the required components or modifications to the machine itself.

Many RTM MP Systems are applied as a substitute for defective or aged slip-ring systems where the repairs are cost prohibitive or even impossible as spare parts are no longer available. Through the use of robust components for maintenance free operation and a simple system concept for easy installation, the RTM MP System provides the telemetry solution of choice for the installed base of buncher and twister stranding machines.

Main components

PictureNameDescriptionCAD dataWatchlist
RTM MP Plus EMGZ482.T.PlusRTM MP Plus EMGZ482.T.PlusRTM MP Plus transmitting module with integrated dual-channem measuring amplifier
RTM MP EMGZ482R.MPRTM MP EMGZ482R.MPTransmitting module for RTM X2.MP
RTM MP EMGZ4443MP.RRTM MP EMGZ4443MP.RDecoding module for RTM MP
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