• Digital microprocessor controlled
  • Plug & Play or utilize Ethernet connection
  • 3 buttons and 5-key wind-rose operation and two-line 8-character LCD

The web guiding controller of the BKS309.M-series are an innovative extension of the successful BKS309-series. The integrated control of the motorized sensor adjustment BKS.TA allows remote adjustment of the lateral position of the material sensors in machines with limited space or where the web guide is difficult to access.

The web guiding controllers of the BKS309.M-series feature simple configuration and a wide range of possible applications. Three buttons and a five-key wind-rose control panel with a dual-line LCD provide simple operation. The controllers can be freely combined with FMS-webMASTER steering frames, FMS-winderGLIDE actuators and FMS-webDIRECTOR steering rollers, as well as with the entire program of FMS material sensors. This allows various controls as edge / line guiding as well as center guiding. The versatility of the BKS309.M-series allows installations in wide fields of the paper, plastic foil, metals, etc. industry such as printing, laminating, narrow web or web processing applications.

General technical details

Power supply24 VDC (18 to 36 VDC)
Processor cycle time1 ms
Relay output2 pcs., max. 220 VDC, 2 A, 60 W; 250 VAC, 2 A, 62.5 VA
Control modesEdge control
Set point setting±5 mm, setting in 0.1 mm steps

Technical details

Protection classHousingAdditional functionsCAD data
IP 55wall mountfor motorized traverses BKS.TA, left and / or right
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