Wire and Cable Industry

Increasing cost pressure and increased quality awareness in the market are forcing cable and wire manufacturers to seek solutions to operate their existing systems more efficiently

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Modular Wire Tension Monitoring System for Tubular and Cage Type Stranders.

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Bi-Directional, Radio-Based Signal Transmission for Rotating Machinery.

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Wireless Transmission of Safety Relevant Signals from Cradle to the Operator’s Station.

Our products and solutions are used in a wide variety of systems and machining processes:

  • Cage strander, with/without backtwist
  • Tubular/fast standers
  • Stranding
  • Bow stranders
  • Bunching
  • Twisting
  • Armoring
  • Unwinding/winding
  • Wire drawing
Verseilmaschine für die Draht- und Kabelindustrie im Einsatz.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible process parameters
  • Minimum scrap
  • Lower downtimes
  • Short amortization periods


  • Stranding
  • Bunching
  • Wire drawing

Our promise

  1. Easy retrofitting
  2. Modular design
  3. Ease of use
  4. Maintenance-free with a long service life

Challenges of the wire and cable industry.

Production errors cost money. Repairs are often time consuming or not possible. The procurement of new machines is very costly and attempts to reduce errors in the production process is often not possible with conventional technologies. A system for easy retrofitting and monitoring of the most important parameters is required.

Our solution

FMS offers its customers real added value in realizing their goals. Precise strand tension measurement/control and radio transmission of signals – essential for efficient operations management – with high productivity and the highest quality. But it does not end here.

Überwachen und analysieren mit Hilfe von FMS Lösungen.

Additional benefits

FMS goes one step further. Extensions can be used to monitor switches and sensors on the rotating machines. Especially with existing systems, this can mean a considerable increase in machine safety with little effort.

Data analysis

In addition to the technical aspects, the solutions of FMS generate measurement data that can be collected and evaluated by you for the continuous improvement of the processes or system. Use this information to save costs and to cope with the increasing international competitive pressure.


Benefit directly from faster set-up times, consistently high product quality and reproducible process parameters. Increasing productivity, as well as improving the quality of your products lead to the customer satisfaction.

harsh environment.

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