RTM X42.MODBUS - Systema con interfaccia bus al PLC

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The material tension of single wires or strands has major impact on process safety and product quality during the production of wires and ropes. The RTM X42 System has been specifically developed for this application. Our sensor rollers provide precise measurement of the wire tension. Their special design and adequate installation on the lay plate compensate for the impact of centrifugal forces on the measurement results. The modular concept and the compact design of the components has been optimized to fit into the limited installation space of tubular and cage type stranders. The RTM X42 System offers unmatched functionality for both cable manufacturers and OEMs to maximize their competitive advantage.

The basic function of simple wire tension measurement can be gradually extended with comprehensive monitoring and documentation as well as with tension control capabilities with a closed-loop control.

Features and advantages:
Material tension measurement in single wires or strands -> Determine the most important quality and process parameter
Modbus interface as standard -> Compatible with almost any master controller via anybus gateway (see RTM X42 Accessories)
1-42 single strands on a single RTM X42 System, multiple systems can operate in parallel -> Modular adaptable to various plant sizes
Reliable radio transmission -> No wear and minimum maintenance, no additional wiring and no slip-rings required
Comprehensive range of accessories -> Monitoring & Control Software, fully automated brake control

Can I also install a RTM X42 System on my machine? Due to our decades of experience we are well aware of the complex transactions and the influencing variables of cable production. In order to make a point regarding the feasibility you have to provide a few basic machine dimensions and process values.
Our specialists will be able to give you brief information about the feasibility based on this data.
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