FMS-cradleGUARD Wireless Transmission of Safety Relevant Signals from Cradle to the Operat

The FMS-cradleGUARD system was developed to improve safety and decrease downtime on older machinery. The current use of slip rings to obtain signals relating to the pintle lock status and cradle tilt are maintenance intensive and with the limited information provided contribute to production downtime. They are more frequently a source of error rather than a contribution to machine safety!
With the FMS-cradleGUARD, the safety relevant signals are transmitted directly from the payoff cradle to the operator's station. The explicit indication of the faulty cradle allows for fast, reliable trouble shooting, and therefore the ability to put the machine back into production as quickly as possible.

Improved Machine SafetyReliable signal transmission, without slip rings, standard batteries with several months lifetime
Fast Troubleshooting, short DowntimesExplicit text messages on which cradle the fault lies, safes time and money
Easy to retrofitCompact package can be fit to most machines, robust, sealed aluminum housing
Extendable up to 42 Cradles3 independent inputs for pintle lock status, wire break detection, cradle tilt switch, etc.
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FMS-cradleGUARD Wireless Transmission of Safety Relevant Signals from Cradle to the Operat
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