RTM MP – Bi-Directional, Radio-Based Signal Transmission for Rotating Machinery

  • Optimised for Controlling Bow Type Stranding Machines (Bunchers and Twisters) via a PLC
  • Radio Transmission and Processing of Encoder signals and Wire Tension Data
  • Controlled Wire Tension
  • Wireless transmission in the 2.4 GHz band

FMS’ RTM MP System has been developed to accurately measure, evaluate and transmit all kind of production relevant parameters in Wire Processing Machinery. A fully equipped system can handle up to 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, one analogue input, one analogue output, two force measuring rollers and 4 encoder channels. The later can e. g. be used for close loop control of drives and the control of the traverse guides in individual bobbins. RTM MP is a compelling solution for use by OEMs on New Machinery.

Main components

PictureNameDescriptionCAD dataWatchlist
RTM MP decoding module EMGZ4443MP.TRTM MP decoding module EMGZ4443MP.TRTM MP decoding module
RTM MP EMGZ482T.MPRTM MP EMGZ482T.MPTransmitting module EMGZ492.T for RTM X2 MP
RTM MP EMGZ482R.MPRTM MP EMGZ482R.MPTransmitting module for RTM X2.MP
RTM MP EMGZ4443MP.RRTM MP EMGZ4443MP.RDecoding module for RTM MP
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