Online Tool for Sizing Force Sensors

The FMS-Calculator helps you with the design and selection of the right force sensor for your application. 

This easy and intuitive tool will display the results helping you with finding the optimal force sensor

A force in the direction of the red dot from the centre of the load cell results in a positive signal output.

Calculate force sensor now.


Beispielansicht des FMS Calculator zur Berechnung von Kraftaufnehmern.

Your advantages

  • Ease of operation - just 4 steps to the force sensor
  • Design documentation with variants
  • All standard force sensors
  • All standard nominal forces


  • Easy handling via web browser
  • Clear and easy to understand

Our promise

  1. Reliable performance data
  2. Browser-based, no installation necessary
  3. Compliance with the calculated performance data

FMS-Calculator instructions.

Do you need support in operating the FMS-Calculator? Download the photo instructions for ease of use.


FMS-Calculator is a browser-based program for sizing FMS force sensors. 

There are many factors you need to consider during the design phase. In addition to supposedly fixed specifications such as environmental influences and installation space, there are also other, often not yet defined boundary conditions that may change in the course of a project. To take these into account, we recommend that you discuss your designs with us. Our specialists can help you even if the application specifications may not lead to a clear result. 

FMS-Calculator supports German and English. You can select the language as well as your preferred units in the settings.

Yes, you can save any project. Assign a unique name (project, measuring point, or even a version index) and you can access it again at any time.

As a browser-based solution you can send a link to your colleagues for the project. You can forward this link directly to FMS or yourself. Anybody registered in FMS-Calculator can access the design via this link.

Enter the maximum AND minimum material tension. Go to the Optimization step and select a dual-range force sensor of the LMGZ.D series. Select the size and nominal force and check in the force diagram (on theleft) whether the force sensor is suitable or not.

After successful sizing completion, you can output the result as a file in a pdf format. The file is ideal for your internal documentation or further optimization.

A computer with web browser and internet access.

There is the ability to “Import an old Calculator file” button in the “Open” function. You can use this button to open designs that were created in the previous version of the FMS-Calculator. 



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