Memberships – move something together

Exchange opinions, recognize trends, participate, form networks, obtain market information.

We take the opportunity to make a difference by contributing our own suggestions.

FMS is a member in the following associations.

IWMA - International Wire & Machinery Association

FMS ist Miglied bei der IWMA.

The IWMA is the world's largest and most influential association for the cable and wire industry. It offers numerous benefits, services and events to promote new technologies and grow within the industry. The association comprises more than 300 companies in over 50 countries.

SVC - Society of Vacuum Coaters

FMS ist Mitglied bei SVC.

The SVC is a global association whos aim is to promote the members through information and training on coatings in vacuum, surface treatments and their associated technologies.

VskE - Association of Manufacturers of Self-adhesive Labels and Narrow Web Converters

FMS ist Mitglied beim VskE.

The VskE tackles important issues that equally affect all companies in the label market. The focus is on promoting the industry and supporting the member companies. The work spectrum ranges from technology development or digitalization projects to topics such as the need for skilled workers, consumer protection, ecology, market data, standardization work, recycling, recruitment, and the presentation of the industry in the press and media.

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