Social Engagement

Beyond the boundaries of our company, we strengthen important areas of society and assume responsibility for people outside our immediate business activities.

FMS currently supports the following organizations:

  • Pigna - Room for people with disabilities.
    People with disabilities in their life, working and living space are Pigna's mission. They take care of their clients with heart and professionalism. Pigna promotes, supports, accompanies, employs and takes care. In order to fulfil this mission, Pigna offers 111 accommodation places in various forms. There are also 170 work places for people with disabilities, as well as 55 places in the day care center. Pigna's services also include a differentiated range of therapy options, a well-developed health service and a specialist centre for social and life counselling.
  • The Swiss Cancer League informs, supports and accompanies those affected and promotes research.
    The Cancer League accompanies people affected by cancer and their relatives. It helps people to live with the disease, to understand the disease and its effects, to integrate it into their personal environment of work, family and leisure and to cope with its effects. The promotion of patient-oriented cancer research at Swiss universities, hospitals and academic research institutions is a central task of the Cancer League and its partner organization, the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation.
  • SOS Beobachter Foundation supports people in need.
    Many people in Switzerland can turn the Swiss franc and split the “Rappen” as they like - it is hardly enough for the bare essentials: housing, household, clothes, food, insurance, doctor. There is nothing left for further education or a modest holiday anyway. Children and young people are often the victims of their parents' precarious financial situation. Poverty hits families and single parents hardest. But the unemployed, pensioners, outsiders, victims of violence, the handicapped and the mentally ill also have to contend with increasingly difficult conditions. The foundation helps these people quickly and unbureaucratically.
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