• Plug & Play or utilize Ethernet connection
  • Integrated EtherNet/IP Field Bus

The web guiding controller of the BKS015.EIP-series are an innovative extension of the successful BKS015-series. The integrated EtherNet/IP bus interface provides universal interconnectivity to a PLC or higher-level control systems. The web guiding controller BKS015.EIP is always integrated in an FMS-webMASTER BKS015 steering frame. It installation orientation can be individually selected according to the required installation arrangement of the steering frame within the production line. It can be equipped with one or two material sensors (US- or AZS-series) and operate as left-, right-hand or center guiding system. If delivered in combination with a FMS-webMASTER BKS015 steering frame, the web guiding controller will be completely wired and will only require a 24 (18 to 24) VDC power supply.

General technical details

Power supply24 VDC (18 to 36 VDC)
Processor cycle time1 ms
Relay outputnone
Control modesEdge control
Set point setting±5 mm, setting in 0.1 mm steps

Technical details

Protection classHousingAdditional functionsCAD data
IP 20panel mount
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