BMGZ041 – Robust Measuring Rollers for troughed conveyor belts

  • Robust design, all components enclosed, integrated, contact-less speed detection
  • 10‘000-times proven technology, direct force detection on the shaft, w/o deflection or any braces
  • Integrated speed detection without friction wheel, dual shaft sealings
  • Sophisticated and proven concept with multiple installation options

The toughed measuring rollers of the BMGZ041 series are designed for operation in most severe conditions and under steady load in mobile and stationary plants that process heavy, bulky goods, such as sand, gravel, stones, coal, building rubble etc. A wide portfolio of sizes and troughing angles for standard belts offers solutions for most applications. The beveled side disks are slidable and allow for easy adjustment to non-standard belt types and dimensions.

General technical details

Temperature range-10 to 60 °C (14 to 140 F)
Temperature coefficient± 0,1 %/10K
Protection classIP 65
Overload protection rating10 times nominal force

Available sizes

SizeTroughing angleBelt width in mmMin. installation width in mmCAD dataWatchlist
BMGZ041.0215 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02210 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02315 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02420 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02525 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02630 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02735 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02840 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.02945 °500 mm620 mm
BMGZ041.0315 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03210 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03315 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03420 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03525 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03630 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03735 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03840 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.03945 °650 mm720 mm
BMGZ041.0415 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04210 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04315 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04420 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04525 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04630 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04735 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04840 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.04945 °800 mm830 mm
BMGZ041.0515 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05210 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05315 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05420 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05525 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05630 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05735 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05840 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.05945 °1000 mm1045 mm
BMGZ041.0615 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06210 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06315 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06420 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06525 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06630 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06735 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06140 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.06945 °1200 mm1180 mm
BMGZ041.0715 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07210 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07315 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07420 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07525 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07630 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07735 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07840 °1400 mm1395 mm
BMGZ041.07945 °1400 mm1395 mm
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