RTM X42.BC Brake Control – System Extension for the RTM X42 monitoring system for Continuous Tension Control

RTM X42.BC Brake Control
  • Fully automatic control with configurable settings, no manual brake adjustment
  • Constant wire tension during the entire production run
  • Robust components for long service life in difficult environments
  • For rope and belt style brakes on cage and tubular type stranding machines of many types and sizes

The RTM X42.BC Brake Control is a system extension to the FMS Telemetry Systems, and expands the functionality of the RTM X42 System from a simple tension measurement tool to an automatic control system with closed loop control of wire tension. The RTM X42.BC Brake Control automates the manual re-adjustment of the payoff brake systems according to the specified tension limits of the wire or strand. Deviations to the reference value are automatically compensated for and result in constant tension of all strands along the entire production process. Uninterrupted stranding with constant high product quality leads to increased efficiency of the machine and a reduction of work load for the operator. The simple, modular concept and robust components make it a straightforward process to retrofit an RTM X42.BC Brake Control on almost any stranding machine with friction brakes. The RTM X42.BC Brake Control and the RTM X42.CC Control Center are system extensions to the RTM X42 Telemetry System.

Main components

PictureNameDescriptionCAD dataWatchlist
RTM X42.BC.BA.2500RTM X42.BC.BA.2500Brake actuator with 2500N brake force for RTM X42 Monitoring and Control System
RTM X42.BC.BA.600RTM X42.BC.BA.600Brake actuator with 600N brake force for RTM X42 Monitoring and Control System
RTM X42.BC.T/RRTM X42.BC.T/RTransceiver module RTM for RTM X42.BC Brake Control
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