RTM X42.CC Control Center – System Extension for the RTM X42 monitoring system with Master Controller and FMS Monitoring & Control Software

RTM X42.CC Control Center
  • Display measurement values and other relevant parameters
  • Generate quality reports for in-house or customer knowledge base
  • Recipe manager to create, store and retrieve pre-defined production settings
  • Graphical user interface, recipe manager and quality report manager

The RTM X42.CC Control Center is an extension to the RTM X42 Telemetry System. This extension provides easy to use tools related to the management of wire tension measurement and control. The visualization of the measured data is an important function of the system, and is in addition to the setup & commissioning parameters, the Recipe Manager and the Quality Report Manager where the generation of reports becomes a simple operation. The RTM Monitoring & Control Software displays all relevant measuring and control (only with RTM X42.BC Brake Control) parameters at a glance. The Recipe Manager enables you to create, edit and store relevant settings of the RTM X42 System for a particular product run, and then retrieve them later for an identical product run. With this feature the machine setup procedure is simplified and as the process parameters are repeated the product quality will also follow. With a network connection the program can be run on any browser, independent from the RTM X42 main computer.

Main components

PictureNameDescriptionCAD dataWatchlist
RTM X42.CC.PCRTM X42.CC.PCMaster controller RTM X42.CC Control Center
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