BKS.D.7 – FMS winderGLIDE Actuator with 4’000 N Thrust

  • Fast BLDC motor, backlash-free ball screw:
  • 4’000 N (900 lbf) Thrust
  • 200 mm (9.8 in.) and 300 mm (11.8 in.) stroke
  • Versatile Mounting Options

The actuators of the FMS-winderGLIDE series have been specifically developed for use in unwind and winding stations. Utilizing powerful drives ensures they are suitable for moving large rolls and stands. The web guide sensor is mounted as close as possible to the nearest idler roller. The electric drives of the FMS actuators offer superior operation when compared to hydraulic drives when processing foodstuff and pharmaceutical packaging because there is no risk of contamination with e.g. oils or other hydraulic liquids.

General technical details

Drive trainElectrical connectionThrust
BLDC motorRD 22, 7-pole to actuator BKS.D.34000 N

Technical details

PictureDesignationStroke Distance of ball headsCAD dataWatchlist
200 mm 439 mm
300 mm 539 mm
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