RTM X42 Tension Monitoring System – Modular Wire Tension Monitoring System for Tubular and Cage Type Stranders

RTM X42 Tension Monitoring System
  • Display of measuring values via optional RTM X42.CC Control Center
  • Repeatable product quality, increased process safety and quality assurance, shorter downtimes
  • For cage and tubular type stranders of various designs and sizes, no need for slip rings
  • Simple installation of the compact components, standardized Bus interface

The RTM X42 Telemetry System provides the tension value of single strands or wires in cage or tubular type stranding machines. All personnel involved in the production environment gain easy access to the to these important process parameters. The tension values can be displayed via the optional RTM X42.CC Control Center or via your PLC. The standardized interface provides easy and quick connectivity to your existing machine, and an optional gateway can accommodate common protocols. Many OEMs currently deliver their new machines with preinstalled RTM X42 systems, but due to the modular concept and the compact components, retrofitting our system to your existing machinery is also straightforward. Reliable radio transmission of the data and optional battery-packs make slip rings obsolete. The typical RTM X42 system can handle the measurement of up to 42 individual wires or strands, but it is also possible to interconnect multiple telemetry systems to allow for an unlimited number of force sensors.

Main components

PictureNameDescriptionCAD dataWatchlist
RTM X42 EMGZ482TRTM X42 EMGZ482TRTM X42 transmitting module for monitoring system, battery powered
RTM X42 EMGZ484TRTM X42 EMGZ484TChannel extension for RTM X42, 4-channel measuring amplifier
RTM X42 EMGZ482.RRTM X42 EMGZ482.RReceiving module EMGZ482.R for RTM X42 Monitoring system
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