Increased Machine Safety for Rotating Systems

Are you looking for wireless signal transmission from cradle to control station? Do you need to monitor for quick fault diagnosis and minimum downtime? In this case, the easy and extensible FMS-cradleGUARD is the right solution for you. 

To the FMS-cradleGUARD technical information.


Maschinensicherheit durch den FMS CradleGuard für Verseilmaschinen.

Your advantages

  • Increased machine safety
  • Quick fault diagnosis and reduced downtime
  • Easy installation and retrofit
  • Extensible up to 42 cradles


  • Reliable signal transmission, without slip rings with a battery life of several months
  • Clear display of the faulty cradle, saves time and money
  • Compact dimensions, robust aluminum housing
  • 3 independent inputs for pintle lock status, cradle tilt switch

Our promise

  1. Reliability
  2. Long service life
  3. Maintenance-free operation (except batteries)
  4. Lowest life cycle costs

For improved machine safety.

The use of slip rings for signal transmission, for example for pintle lock status monitoring, is maintenance-intensive and often provides only inaccurate information on the cause of the fault. Quick troubleshooting is therefore not possible, resulting in extended machine downtimes. 

Quick fault analysis

The FMS-cradleGUARD transfers information reliably from the machine to the control station. The clear assignment of a fault to a cradle with plain text display allows the operator to quickly rectify the fault. Shorter downtimes increase productivity while increasing machine safety.

Schnelle Fehleranalyse an rotierenden Anlagen, dank des FMS CradleGuard.

Function description

The FMS-cradleGUARD consists of two system components. A transmitter module (FMS-cradleGUARD.T) per cradle contains terminal blocks for up to 4 switches and the radio module. The radio frequencies can be clearly separated to ensure operational safety. The receiver module (FMS-cradleGUARD.R) outside of the machine receives the signals of the individual transmitter modules and indicates their status in plain text on the display. The integrated relay outputs can be connected directly to the PLC or a warning indicator. You can conveniently configure the system, such as name assignment and assignment of the transmitter modules, via a web browser using a peer-to-peer network. To do this, simply connect the FMS-cradleGUARD receiver module to a computer (PC or laptop) via an Ethernet cable. 


Did you know?

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