Linear Actuator for Web Guide Control on Winders and Unwinders

Are you looking for a linear actuator for precise unwinding and winding of webs for a high productivity of your machine? Should it be flexible and very easy to use in its application? Then a linear actuator from FMS is the right product for you.

To the individual linear actuators.

FMS Stellantrieb im Einsatz.

Your advantages

  • Ease of use
  • Reliable and robust
  • Wide correction range
  • Variable installation options


  • No parameterization required
  • Fast and precise stepper or BLDC motor
  • Many variants with different thrust forces and strokes
  • Wide range of accessories

Our promise

  1. Reliability
  2. Long service life
  3. Maintenance-free operation
  4. Lowest life cycle costs

The FMS linear actuator. Complies with hygiene regulations.

The drive equipped with a powerful stepper or BLDC motor is very flexible and easy to use. From a hygienic point of view, actuators of the FMS-winderGLIDE series are superior to hydraulic drives, especially in the field of food and medical packaging. 


Full function with one connector only

The linear actuators of the FMS-winderGLIDE series have a ball screw with powerful drive motors. The precision achieved and the backlash-free running are unique to our design. The drives are connected to the controller with an easily accessible connector. Thanks to their compact dimensions and easy installation, the drives are ideal for retrofitting or upgrading existing machines.

Stecker für Stellantrieb in Produktionsabteilung.

Function description

The linear actuators of the FMS-winderGLIDE with their backlash-free ball screw driven by high-speed stepper or BLDC motors enables precise corrections at high adjusting speeds. The linear actuator is connected to a web guiding controller using one single cable and an easily accessible connector. Due to the compact dimensions and the different mounting options, the linear actuators of the FMS-winderGLIDE series are ideally suited for retrofitting existing systems.

Did you know?

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