Segmented tension roller FMS-segFORCE

You want to measure the tension of individual, parallel web sections in your slitter / rewinder or see the tension profile across the entire width of your web? Then the FMS-segFORCE measuring roller is the right solution for you.

Perfectly lined-up segments for measuring the tension profile or by suitable selection of segment widths and distances for tension monitoring of individual web sections. The FMS-segFORCE measuring roller is unsurpassed in its flexibility.

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Your benefits

  • Monitoring of smallest tension deviations from segment to segment
  • Customized configuration
  • Easy retrofit and installation
  • Full system integration


  • High sensitivity, wide measuring range
  • Full flexibility in terms of quantity, width and position of the segments, various nominal force, full range of roll surface options
  • Flexible installation options, individual overall length, simple exchange of standard idler roll, identical web path
  • Standard ethernet interface for data processing an display via PLC

Our promise

  • Highest precision above market standard
  • High reliability as well as long service life
  • Wide range of design solutions 
  • Customized designs available

Application in a slitter / rewinder. Do you know the winding tension of all of your single rolls?

The FMS-segFORCE measuring roller now offers producers and machine builders in the converting industry the possibility to precisely measure the web tension of individual slit webs. Especially with very thin and stretchable materials and in compact machines, this places the highest demands on the technology.


Scheme of two measuring rollers in a slitter / rewinder. The offset of the individual segments from one measuring roll to the other is clearly visible. Minimal deviations in tension between the individual web sections quickly become visible.

  • Tension monitoring of each individual web section
  • Highest flexibility in terms of number of segments, widths and position
  • Quick detection of faulty winding or differential friction shafts
  • Clear display of different tension values of the individual webs
  • Tension monitoring of up to 40 individual web sections

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Coating. Up to 40 measuring points along one roller

With up to 40 measuring points across the web width, the FMS-segFORCE measuring roller provides a very high resolution of tension values. These are the best prerequisites for processing very sensitive materials or processes with higher requirements (process data acquisition, digital roll protocol, Industry 4.0).


The readings of the individual segments are displayed in a so-called tension profile. This allows qualified statements on process or material quality to be made at a glance. Process- or material-related faults and malfunctions can be easily identified over time. This information can help to better understand the process and optimize the entire operation accordingly.

  • Up to 40 measuring points along one roller
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Tension profile for best understanding of the process
  • Fast detection and elimination of process or material related faults and malfunctions
  • Fast quality assessment of the delivered parent rolls

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