RTM X42.CC Control Center

Are you looking for a system extension for process and quality control in cage and tubular type strander? The RTM X42.CC Control Center is your best tool for viewing, analyzing, collecting data and full closed loop control.

To the RTM X42.CC technical information.

FMS Control-Center Bildschirm und PC.

Your advantages

  • Important process data at a glance
  • Quality documentation for your customers
  • Ease of use
  • Fast machine setup/conversion to other products
  • Sound statements regarding system performance as basis for process improvements


  • Clear presentation of measured values
  • Recording, storage and printout of measured data
  • Integrated solution with user-friendly interface
  • Storage of individual recipes
  • Broad database for analysis

Our promise

  1. Production assurance
  2. Reduction of complaints
  3. Maintenance-free operation
  4. Increase in productivity
  5. Optimization of existing machines

System extension. For sound performance statements.

The RTM X42.CC Control Center is an extension of the RTM X42 telemetry system. The RTM X42.CC Control Center is a powerful tool allowing you to visualize, record and control wire tension. The RTM Monitoring & Control software focuses on the visualization of measurement data. However, managing the production parameters in the recipe manager and creating quality logs for your customers is also included. 

Clearly structured overview

DThe software interface shows all relevant measurement and control parameters (only with RTM X42.BC Brake Control) at a glance. With the integrated recipe manager you can save, change and, if necessary, recall the system settings later for your respective product. This saves valuable time for managing different products through your machine. All functions can be operated directly at the machine or from any workstation via a browser and the corresponding network connection. A clear user administration facility ensures controlled access rights and operational safety based on your organizations needs.

Einblick in die FMS Control-Center Software.

Function description

The RTM X42.CC Control Center essentially consists of an industrial computer with monitor. It is enclosed in an encapsulated housing to protect it from  environmental influences. The software is a special FMS proprietary development that offers different functions: 

  • Configuration of the RTM X42 system
  • Visualization of the measured data
  • Quality manager for documentation/archiving of product quality and system data
  • Recipe manager for recipe administration
  • Control algorithm (for RTM X42.BC Brake Control only)
  • User access level facility to accommodate everyone from power users to machine operators.

Communication with the RTM X42 system is realized via the MODBUS TCP protocol. The software can be run on any network-capable computer with browser.  


Did you know?

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