Construction and Recycling

Flexible applications and highest productivity are expected from todays conveyor belts. These are also the main criteria for our customers when it comes to purchasing mobile or semi-stationary plants. 
These are exactly the focus points that we have set our belt scales to. The versatile installation options allow for easy retrofits on almost any type of conveyor. The long lifetime and the robust design are second to none in the market.

They can be applied to conveyors for bulky goods such as

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Crushed rocks
  • Chalk
  • Coal
  • Fertilizer
  • Construction waste

Your benefits

  • Robust design
  • Versatile installation options
  • Up-to-date electronics, calibratable version


  • Mobile crushers and sieving plants
  • Loading stations for trains or ships
  • Recycling plants for soil, demolition or roadworks
  • Tunnel drilling machine 

Our promises

  1. Longest lifetime
  2. Uninterrupted operation
  3. Excellent consulting and installation by one of our service partners
  4. Lowest lifecycle costs

Challenges for the construction and recycling industry

Dust, humidity, vibration or other major mechanical stress, continuous re-location of the plant and many more negative parameters occur, whenever bulky goods need to be conveyed. This is exactly what our belt scales are made to withstand and deal with.


Our Solution

Our robust design from thick galvanized steel plates, as well as the encapsulated components directly on the measuring roller – without any open cables – is unique in the market. And these are exactly the points that founded the excellent reputation of our solutions that perform reliably for decades.

Added value

The electronics of the latest generation allows for easy system integration via Ethernet interface.
We are also one of the only manufacturers that can easily react on customer specific requirements quickly and in an uncomplicated way if there is no "off the shelf" solution available.

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